Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be cured?

Only Allah knows

You did ruqyah on me and I have not been cured?

All praise to allah, the exalted. If ruqyah therapists read on everyone and everyone is cured, no one would pray and they would run to ruqyah therapists and consider them as god instead of turning to the creator and humbling oneself in front of him and seeking forgiveness from him.

This is the likes of a magician. They like to be venerated

We assess the conditions and give the patients a program to follow. They should read those verses till Allah cures them.

I am affected since 5 or 10 years and I am still doing ruqyah and I do not see any progress?

It depends on the type of affliction which you are suffering from. If someone suffers from Magic, Evil Eye, Envy and Jinn Possession at the same time, then the case is treated in stages till the afflictions are gone. One sister has been suffering from such a case and Alhamdoulillah, there has been improvements in her case.

One should continue supplicating to Allah and give up major sins.

We also encourage those who are afflicted to repent for their sins as a calamity befalls a believer due to his sins. One might complain that he does istighfaar every day and still s/he has not been cured. One should persist and engage in righteous actions such as giving charity as it is a means of expiating sins.

Going to Umrah with a pure intention (intention of regret for past sins) is also recommended for those who have means.

We often hear patients that have gone to hajj, umrah, give charity and still complain. Complaining in itself is a disease which needs to be remedied by turning to Allah and accepting what he has decreed for this servant and bear the consequences till relief comes.

Remember that Adam (peace be upon him) got expelled from Jannah due to his sins.

One is also tested according to his strength in faith and one should persist in humbling himself to his lord and hoping that one day relief will come.

Let me narrate to you an interesting story about repentance:

A couple sought ruqyah from me during Ramadan and the sister complained that she had a miscarriage and never conceived again. They sought my assistance. I did ruqyah on the sister but I advised the couple what one of the scholars Sheikh Bin Baaz (May Allah have mercy on him) advised one brother.

One brother came to the Sheikh and complained that his wife is not conceiving. You know what the Sheikh told him? Go, Repent!

After one year or more, the brother came to the Sheikh and gave him the good news that his wife delivered a baby.

I advised the couple the same thing. Repent/Seek forgiveness for your past sins. One year later, a few days before Ramadan, the brother told me that his wife delivered a boy by the will of Allah (the exalted)

This is the power of repentance!

Ibn al-Qayyim reported: Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “A trial is not sent down but due to a sin, and it is not lifted but with repentance.” – Source: al-Jawāb al-Kāfī 1/74

What is the difference between your ruqyah and my ruqyah?

As people in the field of ruqyah, we understand the different types of afflictions and are able to give a diagnosis and prescribe treatments accordingly. For example, some cases become more clear after several sessions and based on those signs and symptoms, we can give a more accurate treatment.

Is it haraam to seek Ruqyah?

Ruqyah which is related to shirk such as taweez/jinn catching yes but there is no harm in seeking ruqyah according to shariah.

Some have not understood the hadith regarding the 70,000 people who will enter jannah without being questioned and tell people not to seek ruqyah.

Placing one’s tawwakul on Allah is no doubt required but treating someone requires knowledge in the field. One brother asked a Madinah Graduate about Ruqyah and latter told the ruqyah seeker to do his own ruqyah and he ended up being possessed for a decade without knowing what was wrong with him.

Myself and other experienced people in the field have noticed that complex cases require much attention.

How to diagnose between medical and spiritual conditions?

This requires experience in the field of ruqyah and understanding the underlying cause of the medical conditions as well.

For example, I have had cases of cancer where the patient suffered from jinn possession, the evil eye and envy.

Let us consider a very busy road with 2-way traffic with vehicles traveling at high speed. What are the chances of crossing the road without dying? The chances of survival are minimal. Hence, a muslim should always be protected with adkaar in the morning and evening as he might be surrounded by envious people at work, within the family circle etc..

Now let us consider a person who does not eat a healthy diet and is subjected to a diet with non-healthy fats on a regular basis. Chances are that the person is likely to develop heart related problems in the future. This is due to his negligence

Can Quran cure medical conditions?

Yes but one should be careful and not skip his medications. If I had medical conditions, I would take my medications and read the Quran with the intention of getting shifa and have regular appointments with my doctor to see if my condition is improving or not.

What to do if I have a stubborn jinn who does not want to leave?

Fight back with ruqyah. Read surah baqarah on a daily basis from the beginning to the end. Stop sinning, pray on time, give charity, seek forgiveness, be upright upon religion.

Will listening to ruqyah only help me?

One should read the ruqyah verses as well.

What is more dangerous evil eye or magic?

Evil eye.

Who are the ones who are more affected, the males or females?

Females as sisters are more vulnerable. Most of my patients are sisters

What affects the jinns?

Adhaan, Surah Baqarah, Ruqyah Water, Strong smells like inhaling vicks, sidr leaves, costus hindi, black musk (for Lover Jinns)