Treating Jinn Possession

There are different types of jinn possession. Some of them are listed:

  • Partial
  • Full
  • Traveler type of jinn

Patients who are fully possessed (they lose consciousness and they do not know what is happening during the ruqyah) need ruqyah from the raqi or from family members who can recite on them.

There are raqis out there beating their patients and forcing them to swallow a few liters of olive oil thinking that it would harm the jinn and force it out of the body but this is not true and it only harms the patient. I have had such cases presented to me.

Here is a list of things a patient can do if s/he is suffering from possession:

  • Reciting Surat Al Baraqah (Minimum once). If you struggle to read it, make it a habit to read it on a daily basis until you become comfortable. After a few weeks you should notice some improvements. It does weaken the jinn and helps the patient take control of his/her body. If the patient can recite more than once, it will be better for him/her
  • Oiling oneself with olive oil before going to bed
  • Bathing with Sidr leaves with water which has been recited over
  • Recite the ruqyah which has been given to you as it contains verses based on your conditions
  • Playing ruqyah in the house
  • If the house itself has jinns wandering around, play the adhaan as often as possible in the rooms
  • Inhale Vicks as Jinns dislike it
  • Put a few drops of olbas oil in hot water and inhale on a daily basis

Here are additional tips to help oneself:

  • One should recognize that Allah is the one who cures and the trust should be upon him. A raqi is only a means
  • One should also persist and strive in treating himself/herself. Once the ruqyah program has been started, there is no going back but only forward.
  • No attention should be given to the Jinns and one should ignore all whispers/waswas from them.
  • Forget about the one who sent the jinn as worrying is of no use and you cannot change the past. Treatment is priority
  • One is tested according to the level of his faith and we should believe that Allah will help us
  • Pray on time and do not miss any salat because doing so will let the jinn take control. Salat is the second pillar of Islaam and we will be accountable for it. Even if you work, you need to find time for salat
  • No one is perfect but we should sin the least possible


  1. sultanah soormally

    My cousine is not good. She is in the clinic and sick since 2 months. I only wanted to know if she has evil prblm and can you people cure her please.
    Please help her

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